Vital Electronics – Moscow

Карта проезда Санкт-Петербург

Address: Luzhneczkaya nabarejnaya, 2/4, stroenie 19, office 119

Phones: +7(495) 720-04-59, +7(495) 778-91-86, fax: +7(495) 720-04-59

By public transport:
Metro station "Vorobyovy gory", the last vehicle from the center, down the stairs, after the turnstiles right, then right along the waterfront. After the car service (cleaning) the second left turn into the inner courtyard. Just be the central entrance to the factory "Union". Right in the corner of a brown metal door, above the sign "Building 19". Enter the building and walk up the corridor to the pink of. 119.

By car
From the side of Hamovnicheskiy val or Frunzenskaya naberejnaya. Entry under the overpass. Drive along the waterfront about 150m. Park your car in the free space. Find pink building with the sign "Luzhnetskaya nab two quarters." Next, see above.